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Body Language    

By Psychological Counselor, Personality + Relationship Coach, Trainer Communication and Astrologer. In English and German.


per single hour (50 - 60 min.)  

50 - 95 Euro / person

Package on request



Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups.

"Body Language" is an available add-on module after or in psychological life counseling, personality counseling, coaching, training or astrological personality analysis, if required, and would be a perfect complement or ingredient. But also can be asked for to be taken by itself as lesson, personal coaching/supervision and Individual and couple counseling or as group-seminar, training or lecturing/speaking.


Body Language - Learn body signals to read and to understand

We cannot read thoughts, but we can learn to read and understand the body better. Body language is a language as well as all different verbal languages e.g. English or German. Also the Astrology is a language, in symbols and imageries. Every language we can learn. Body language is non-verbal and goes first before we talk. The body cannot lie. Body language is a language and probably the oldest and first of all humans. We cannot not communicate. No body movement just happens, it happens conscious or unconscious. Our speech/lingo however is just a part of our expressions. Nonverbale patterns, speech patterns and behavioural, gestic, facial expression, posture, movement types, physical exertion, or distance behaviour, in every situation you express your real inner feeling, through several single signals. They are and go so fast, that we are not able to realise every single signal. Feelings like Uncertainty, Happiness, Anxiety, Closeness, Distance, Resistance, do have non-verbal their own signals. Body language and speech going hand in hand. The belivability of a person 55% is body language, which is completely unconscious. Based on the facts that non-verbal communication is an important component, but mostly an unconsciously component in every interaction between persons should be made aware and be experienced in Lessons / Counselling / Consultation/ Coaching / Training / Seminar / Lecturing. For individuals, couples, families and groups. Getting acquainted the own body language does belong to it as well as unconsciously perception of non-verbal signals of other persons. Including first of all to experiment, observe, watch and to make our own body language aware to understand the meaning of the signals. The goal/target/purpose/objective is both to find support in our positive contact with each other, and to find further components of an understanding with our communication partner. We are able to influence others - positive - and to feel good when we are able to read and understand our body language right. A well fitting style in outside expression gives safety and is part of your image, in privacy, daylife and business. In any/every situation in daylife it is a very important part in women-men communication and within relationships: parents, friends, children, partner, collegues etc. It often comes to unwanted missunderstandings, caused by learned patterns and steady habits.

Parts of the content :    

  • What influence do have body language and speech.
  • Present body language signals and expressions.
  • Getting acquainted the own body language.
  • How to read single signals and how do they impress others.
  • What do the single signals of the body mean.
  • How do feelings and signals unconsciously express.
  • The connection between body language and language.
  • How do I recognise discrepancy to what's been said.
  • How to use nonverbale signals in daylife.
  • To learn to understand first ourselfs and then our conversation
    partners better.
  • To tune body language and language on each other.
  • Assimilate and use new experiences as natural course of motion whenever you need it to feel safe and comfortable when you practice your knowledge.
  • For personal issues on request you can get your natal birth chart (Horoscope) viewed. The language of Astrology provides informations about your personality, which influences your behaviour and expression.


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