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Relationship Communication and

Women- and Men-Communication and Language  


Men are from Mars ? and women from Venus ?

Even in Language and word choice ? Or just in bahaviour ?

"And where do you come from?"  "How do you practice in daylife ?"

per single hour (50 - 60 min.)

50 - 95 Euro / person

Package on request

By Psychological Counselor, Astrologer, Personality + Relationship Coach and Trainer Communication. In English and German.


Individuals, Couples, Family, Friends, Women, Men, of any gender and age are welcome. Available as Coaching/Supervision and in Counselling live or by/on telephone, as well as Group-Seminar, Training or  Lecturing/Speaking. Highly welcome and highly desired are also clients same gender oriented or couples L/G Lesbian / Gay, TG Transgender, CS Crossdresser, TS Transsexual (post- or pre-OP), as well as their partners, friends and family members. This I extra mention for those who are a little shy. Cheer up ! (Experiences and loving encounter, relationship and company in my closest privacy, for years). Be simply yourself ! Do not bend over backwards.

"Relationship communication" is an available add-on module after or in psychological life counseling, personality counseling, coaching, training or astrological personality analysis, if required, and would be a perfect complement or ingredient. But also can be asked for to be taken by itself by existing clients primarily.

Service and content to choose:

  • Women- and Men- (female and male) Communication.
  • Learning to understand and read, self expression.
  • Verbalisations, differencies, do they really exist, what different does Men"language" and Women"language" make.
  • Girl-to-girl advice, communication skills.
  • Mannerisms.
  • Self-presentation and voice (can be combined with skin-care, hair-care, makeup, expertise on what to wear and what not to wear).

Skills, competencies, attitudes, level of speech, verbalisations, habits, body language signals for example gestic between female/female, male/male, female/male communication.  What is typically female what is specific male.


  • how to deal with the other "species", what is typically in male talk compared with female talk, what do we have to understand and how to deal and handle.


Why are men in conversation and negotiation often the spokesperson while women often go "unnoticed" with what they say or not to get a word edgewise and get interrupted, etc. Or do you want to learn all typically female. What does make a conversation so difficult. Why do we understand messages, remarks and wishes often not as how the other has it meat or said.  Why do we often feel missunderstood. Wherein is the differency between female- and male- conversations. Here are significant differencies. What "ear" do you hear on ?   What messages do you send ? What should we pay attention on in communication of the "species" before missunderstandings and conflicts take place.

Perhaps the one or other question and statement you know from yourself:


„How do I get a better verbal expression“

„My partner does not understand nor listen to me“

„I always say something wrong “

„Why do we always talk at cross-purposes“

„Before a difficult or new situation I get panic“

„I am afraid of to be out of one's depth“

„What do I do wrong“

„The eternal missunderstandings“

„Why does no one listen to me“

"How do I become accepted and can enforce as female or male within a conversation"

"When will others listen to me finally, and why is "appreciation" so difficult"

„Why does „she“ speak too much"

„I do not dare to say something“

"Why – what can I do / we do ?"


And many more questions do keep us busy often in daylife, family, friendships, partnerships, companionships, in every relationships. Short said Interaction !

Many nostrums you surely already have heard or read about but noone is listening to you or you do not find a way out and you always getting into same situations ?

To learn skills, competencies of the particular communications helps you better to understand the mannerisms and habits of the situation that you could influence on concrete.


Let me know me what you are interested in or read more about of the coaching or training, seminar

Communication + negotiation talks in daylife and business

as well as Quick at repartee training / strategic counter and argumentation   



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