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Personality & Life Counselling / Coaching     

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Personality and Visual Appearance     

Lifestyle & Beauty Style

Our outer Identity belongs to our personality

By Psychological Counselor, Personality + Relationship Coach and Trainer and Astrologer. In Person in Berlin and close vicinity in German and English.

60 – 120 Euro per hour (60 min.)

Fee depending on extent of counseling, service and efford



Individuals, Couples, Friends, Families.

This counselling / coaching is an add-on module in life counseling, personality counseling, personal coaching, or training and seminar and would be a perfect complement or ingredient. But also can be asked for to be taken by itself by existing clients primarily.

Lifestyle-/Beauty-Coaching and Counselling can be used by clients also  in conjunction after or together with personal-coaching, communication coaching/-training, psychological life counseling, astrological personality analysis.


Did you know that our visual appearance is our personal card ? For ourselfs and that is what other people see first of us. The way how we dress, our haistyle, the colors we prefer, our makeup, is an individual expression of our personality and belongs to us !


Self-Confidence and feel comfortable with colors, style and accessoires

What is your seasonal color type ?

The effect of colours/colors on our psyche has been researched and proven in many studies by scientists and psychologists. The effect of colours/colors also is cultural dependend. Our western culture is meant. With colours/colors of our clothes for example we can influence our mood, conscious and unconscious we give ourselfs an individual expression: The colour/color white for example means clarity, virginity. Green shows safety, health, serenity. Black the colour/color of mourning, power, distance/retreat. For many it means strength. Red is energy, passion, activity, vitality. Just to give some examples. Others do just fit a special colour/color, depending on the type. But not everybody is wearing every time the same. Cause moods, situations, affections take effect and influence by choice of colours/colors. Everyone of us is in contact with colours/colors every day. You meet them in spring in summer in bright, shiny colours/colors, whereas in autumn/fall the colours/colors are darker and muted, like the light in nature. So our clothes, in winter many people wear darker colours/colors, and more covered colours/colors. Many people feel insecure on what clothes to choose. They do not know, which accessoires then should choose, and feel insecure, how they affected on others, especially if they have a goal/target or purpose, objective they follow (e.g. a Job Interview), what kind of clothes do fit and what influence colours/colors do have. Also what style and nuance can influence your personal attractivity positively and put yourself in most best light on all points of your amenity. Some people of  the generation of war told me they never have learned what fit them best. But it doesn't matter what age you are, or how much money you have, dressing for you type is possible today. The selection often is confusing, but with a little support its possible to manage. And for those who do not want to get rid of their clothes, often some accessoires are enough and can help. Some as matching scarfs, jewellerys, to spice your clothes up on your specific type.

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Cosmetic & Fashion Personal Shopping Service:
For Wardrobe and Cosmetics, Decorative Facial Make-up

Book your shopping-guide, fashion- and style-coach    

For women and men (of any gender, age and orientation !)  


A visual identity is an important part of our personality. I accompany you as your cosmetic & fashion personal shopping-guide for wardrobe and cosmetics and meet you at your home for counselling and advice to cut out endless confusing visits to the cosmetic counters and fashion shops (no driving service !) To get the best out of you and your wardrobe and how to dress yourself up matching your type. Even just a few accessoires could change your style. I am happy to go for a "hunting" with you for matching cosmetics, skincare products or/and wardrobe to advice you on location and put even bought products of make-up on you, matching your type, occasion, or practice how you can use facial make-up meeting your personal needs and affinity considered of course. We start to declutter any unsuitable products and make-up mistakes or/and check your wardrobe. This helps me to get create a profile of your general style. An introduction in the world of colours/colors, a journey in the meaning and nuances and tone of the colours/colors - if you tend to cool or warm colours/colors, more blue or yellow nuance fit to you. This you will learn and get to know and many more. Let me show you what type of color season you are.

As I already mentioned under Relationship-Communication: Welcome are also men, those who want to become and learn more about themselfs, men or women once felt / or feel and are in a „wrong body" (Transsexuals / pre- and post-OP) or want to dress up and style like a woman (TG Transgender, CS Crossdresser, TV Transvestites). It is in your personality, to get more out of yourself, to stand by yourself, and to become what you want to be and what you are !  Don't lose heart ! Those are highly welcome as streight and L/G Lesbian/Gay people - of any gender - any age ! Don't be shy, contact me ! Ask your questions. For those who are a little shy. Cheer up ! (Experiences and loving encounter, relationship and company in my closest privacy, for years). Be simply yourself ! Do not bend over backwards !

This is an add-on module to a personality counseling, life counseling or coaching and not a classical color/colour and style counselling. No seperate colour/color analyses by scarf-testing nor color-/colour-season-type-cards needed.


Makeup course / Make-Up Workshop  



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